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Medication Management

At Houston Mind and Brain, we believe that our patients’ needs come first. Maintaining this mindset is of utmost importance during medication therapy management.
In addition to ensuring that prescribed medications are working our professionals decide whether to administer the drugs at all or if alternative forms of therapy are better suited for our patients.


Deep TMS Therapy

Trans Magnetic Stimulation Therapy, also known as Deep TMS Therapy, is an FDA-approved treatment catered to those who haven’t had a satisfying response to medication or who suffer from unbearable side effects. TMS offers several unique advantages over medication for those experiencing episodes of depression, the constraints of OCD, or dealing with substance abuse issues.

Vitamins and pills


Spravato, or nasal esketamine, is chemically similar to ketamine and is FDA approved and covered by insurance. Spravato is an innovative new treatment for depression in adults who have tried other antidepressant medicines but have not benefited from them.


Our Mission

Houston Mind and Brain is committed to providing world-class, compassionate care for patients who wish to improve their cognitive and mental health. We aim to achieve this vision through adhering to the I-CARE principles



We pledge commitment to being honest and transparent, keeping our promises, owning up to our mistakes, and taking positive action towards rectifying them. We strive to respect the dignity and confidentiality of people we serve and work alongside.


We strive for empathizing with the emotions and feelings of our patients, families, and co-workers, acting with kindness in all we do, and interacting with warmth and respect.


Taking full responsibility for all that we say and do is of the utmost importance to our team, along with improving ourselves to stay in alignment with our short and long term goals.


We choose to recognize and appreciate the inherent self-worth and autonomy of all individuals and embrace the rich diversity and history of each individual we interact with.


It is our daily goal to perform our work at the highest possible level of skill and ability and provide care backed by the highest standards of evidence-based medicine.


Meet Dr. Raymond Y. Cho M.D., M.Sc.

Dr. Cho brings 26 years of extensive clinical research experience in studies of cognition, brain physiology and neurostimulation for psychiatric disorders. Dr. Cho received his M.D. and M.Sc. in Neuroscience from the world-renowned institution, the University of Toronto (4th worldwide in Clinical Medicine, US News & World Report). He also completed his psychiatry residency at the University of Pittsburgh, and further graduate training in Psychology at Princeton University... Read More  

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