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Deep TMS is a highly effective treatment for depression, OCD, and many other psychiatric and neurological disorders. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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Our Mission

Houston Mind and Brain is committed to providing world-class, compassionate care for patients who wish to improve their cognitive and mental health. We aim to achieve this vision through adhering to I-CARE principles:


  • Committed to being honest and transparent, keeping our promises, owning up to our mistakes, and taking positive action towards rectifying them

  • Respect the dignity and confidentiality of people we serve and work alongside


  • Engaged and sharing in the emotions and feelings of our patients, families, and co-workers, and acting with kindness in all that we say and do.

  • All interactions can be characterized by warmth and respect


  • Take full responsibility for all that we say and do, towards patients, families and co-workers

  • Actively work towards improvements in alignment with our goals and values


  • Recognize and appreciate the inherent self-worth and autonomy of all individuals

  • Embracing the rich diversity and history of each individual that we interact with


  • Perform our work at the highest possible level of skill and ability

  • Commitment towards continuous improvement

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