Meet The Team at Houston Mind and Brain


Dr. Raymond Y Cho

M.D., M.Sc

President of Houston Mind and Brain

Dr. Cho brings 26 years of research along with a warm personality to every one of his patients. 

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Stacey Sullivan

Nurse Practioner


Stacey Miglicco Sullivan is a Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and has been treating individuals of all ages for 9 years in mental healthcare. 

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Elsa Rodriguez


I received my certification at The College of HealthCare Professions. After graduation, I transitioned over from an extern to being a full-time MA and TMS technician assistant. 


Andrew Grisham

Clinic Co-ordinator

I am a certified TMS technician assistant as well as an aspiring psychiatrist. My ultimate goal at the clinic is to make you, the patient, feel welcome, supported, and comfortable while receiving your treatment at Houston Mind and Brain. 


Inger Daniels

Nurse Practioner


As a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, I am able to assess, diagnose, treat, and evaluate mental illness as well as prescribe medications and therapeutic treatment. 

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Rachel Brannan 

Local Manager in Missouri City Location

I seek to create a comfortable and safe and nurturing place for our patients, a place with no judgement or fear.  I have found that my natural compassionate and empathetic personality is a blessing in this field. 


Ellie Kim

Local Manager at Memorial

I enjoy using my skills to contribute quality care at Houston Mind and Brain. I will be closely monitoring and attending to you throughout your time with us, so if there is anything I can do to help make you at ease, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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